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Economic gardening” is an entrepreneur-centered growth strategy that balances the more traditional economic development approach of business recruitment. The approach examined here was developed by the city of Littleton, Colorado, in 1989 in conjunction with the Center for the New West. It began as a demonstration program to deal with the sudden erosion of economic conditions following the relocation of the city’s largest employer. The economic best practices that evolved in Littleton were associated with one of three critical themes: infrastructure—building and supporting the community assets essential to commerce and overall quality of life; connectivity—improving the interaction and exchange among business owners and critical resource providers; and market information—accessing competitive intelligence on markets, customers, and competitors comparable to the resources historically available to larger firms. U.S. Small Business Association, “The small business economy for data year 2005.” December 2006,

As part of the worldwide GE planning staff, we were respected for developing the most detailed and financially insightful five-year strategic business plans. These plans guided our yearly operating plans and, together with appropriation requests, competitive analysis summaries, and demographic studies, determined our business activities in minute detail. We used these planning books to decide on massive business investments including new plants, joint ventures and technical initiatives. The plan documents were, in a time before computer graphics, beautifully illustrated with graphs, net present value calculations, and market predictions. Reacting to unexpected changes is important test for company executives.” October 4, 2007,lf-bobgarianocolumn-100407-s1.articleprint

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2010 criminals will routinely use the internet to extort funds from organizations, threatening to damage their corporate reputation by ensuring that routine online search requests will return negative or even libellous results. Despite the plethora of reputational resources that are available to assess and help manage reputation — from PR agencies and competitive analysis companies to identity verification services and content analytics tools — a comprehensive ‘scan and alert’ mechanism for the internet does not yet exist. organizations seeking to proactively manage their reputations online take steps to understand the role that reputation plays in social and commercial relationships and work with PR and marketing to create a reputation management strategy. “Businesses should guard their reputation,” October 8, 2007,138093/printable.html

Ms Skinner is not a horoscope-reading saver at a rival bank but one of Britain’s handful of corporate astrologers. She claims to offer “the last word in competitive intelligence” to clients ranging from senior management of FTSE 100 companies to small businesses and lawyers. She provides business customers with predictions based on corporate research and her knowledge of planetary movements. Rhymer Rigby. “When stargazers can see corporate troubles coming,” October 8, 2007

Intel on Monday launched social news site called Cool Software to help keep abreast of emerging technology trends. It’s based on Pligg, open source software that allows anyone to run a social news site with Digg-style voting. But Cool Software is intended to provide Intel with market intelligence rather than to foster a community. The site began as an internal project designed to keep Intel personnel informed about new technology and startups. Thomas Claburn, “Intel goes social, launches Digg-like site to spot trends.” October 8, 2007 http:// Do companies really know what turns up when an employee types “confidential” in their intranet or portal search box? The proliferation and increasing power of enterprise search requires companies to pay more attention than ever before to protecting confidential information. “Security requirements for Enterprise Search” addressing emerging trends in intellectual property, competitive intelligence, and privacy.  Press release, October 11, 2007

Stetz, who won’t reveal the going rate for a mall Santa (“that’s competitive information“), will say that she’s been able to raise the fees for the gig “and we haven’t been getting any pushback.”  Valeria Fortney, “Ho,ho, hold the party – Santa school short of students.” October 13, 2007

BEA issued a statement regarding Oracle’s unsolicited bid for $17 per share in cash. The gist of the letter is that the BEA thinks its worth more and doesn’t want to give up any competitive information that would compromise its business versus Oracle in the marketplace. Dan Farber, “BEA responds to Oracle’s overtures.” October 12 2007

One of the approaches that many middle-market companies overlook is the value of competitive intelligence. It probably sounds like another consulting term, but it only means the process of gaining information about your competition. It’s equally important to understand your competition so that you can maximize your competitive advantage. Lary Kirchenbauer, “Stop now and start learning about the competition,” September 24, 2007

It’s important to extend your competitive analysis to other economic, market and industry data to develop a more complete picture of the business environment in which you’re operating. Lately, that’s become much tougher. Lary Kirchenbauer, “Guiding your business in uncertain times,” October 15, 2007

Dresner is widely credited with coining the term “business intelligence” while an analyst at IT research firm Gartner. He certainly has the credentials to be called a founding father after dedicating much of his life to researching BI technologies and trends, advising corporations and vendors and shaping the market. Madan Sheina, “Q&A: Howard Dresner, the godfather of business intelligence,” October 8, 2007

Replacing Davis as UPS’s CFO will be Kurt Kuehn, who is currently senior vice president of global sales and marketing. Kuehn, 52, is a 30-year company veteran. He has held a wide variety of

positions in operations, engineering, finance and marketing. Kuehn has led the strategic cost department, responsible for profit and loss measurement, customer pricing systems and cost analysis. He later held the position of vice president of business information analysis, where he oversaw market research, competitive analysis and data mining. Press release, October 15, 2007

The burgeoning market of corporate intelligence is the other arena for graduates, Jones said. Banks, health care providers, casinos, insurance companies — all have a need for security personnel. Courses include “Data and Intelligence Competitive Theory,” “Legal and Ethical Issues,” “Terrorism in the Modern World,” “Principles of Geographic Info Systems” and “Introduction to Data Mining. The new Information Security and Intelligence program at Ferris State University. Garrett Ellison, “New degree offers real-life CSI,” October 16, 2007

Amid a clamor for more rules governing the funds, if regulators and trade groups in the U.K. get their way, we may soon find out more about how the funds work. We’ll know their strategies and the companies they are investing in. If they say anything meaningful, however, they are surely giving away genuinely competitive information. Why should they be forced to do that? It’s the only thing they have that makes them special. Matthew Lynn, “Hedge funds can’t reveal secrets and do business,” October 17, 2007

Competitive intelligence is very often taken for granted in the search industry. We rarely spend any time getting to know our competitors. We seem too busy dealing with our own stuff. Unfortunately, leaving the competition to fend for themselves leaves so much on the plate. So don’t miss the opportunities. Sign up for your competitors’ emails, read their content and get to know their sites as well as your own. There are many tools out there you can use of various pricing. Frank Watson, ‘Competitor analysis,”

[Regarding] competitive intelligence, we will utilize business analysis and competitive research tools to support all three business arms. Additionally, we will provide CI solutions to client organizations. We expect these organizations will utilize these tools to improve recruiter capability [candidate sourcing], conduct market analysis, understand talent availability, create executive profiles, and talent target lists. By injecting traditional business analysis tools into internal HR and talent functions, we achieve a core goal of improving the internal talent [business] capability of the clients we serve. Elaine Rigoli, “Whirpool’s global talent director moves on.” October 1, 2007

Job Title: Manager, Corporate Events. This position is accountable for the development, implementation and management of convention and meeting plans for overall ZymoGenetics corporate needs. Additional responsibilities include set and execute strategy for future show selection by analyzing competitive intelligence, sizes of booths, promotions on convention floor, size of overall convention program. October 16, 2007

Why Your Local Copy Shop is a Source for Competitor Intelligence: “And, it must be common knowledge that documents get left at a Kinko’s, because there was a guy who came in here each week and collected presentations and extra copies left on the printers or scanners. After about the fourth or fifth day, I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he worked for [name omitted – the company is a competitor of a Fortune 500 company in the area]. He was hired as the company’s competitive intelligence manager and one of the first places he goes to get his information is the Kinko’s closest to the competitor’s facility.” So, let this be a lesson: not only are digital copy machines not secure, it appears that employees who lack common sense are making the local copy shop a source of competitive intelligence!  Tim Rhodes, “Information security: protecting your data is NOT just a cyberspace issue anymore.” September 25, 2007 link

Analyst toolbox: a toolbox for the intelligence analysis. There is a wide range of software available on the market to support intelligence analysis. The tools examined in this document represent the basic toolbox that the intelligence analyst will need. 12 pages.  PDF

On the flipside, if you do decide to attend the conference, there’s plenty of potential to make it worth your while. Start by taking a broad view of the proceedings. A top-notch conference will address multiple needs, including professional development, best practices exchange, competitive intelligence, relationship building and entertainment. Deb Koen, “Shed reluctance, attend conference: you can learn a lot.” September 30, 2007 link

The global procurement organization at IBM documents its sourcing strategies in playbooks that also consist of well-documented procurement white papers that describe how the teams approach each of the markets. “To Jonathan’s credit, he’s been able to ‘industrialize’ our strategies or playbooks to the point that they are presented in a format that provides ease of knowledge transfer from thought leaders and strategists that support him to buyers and managers in countries where IBM procures HR services,” says Edward O’Donnell, global sourcing manager, IBM Integrated Supply Chain. The playbooks present essential elements of the deal that require competitive analysis and it’s done in such a way that the team can easily understand and then execute. “That’s always a big challenge,” he says. “In new and emerging markets such as the Asia Pacific region, there are young buyers and managers clamoring for this type of well thought out and well presented knowledge that we developed in global procurement.”  Susan Avery, “How IBM buys HR services globally.” October 18, 2007

IT Services My client is a leading supplier of IT solutions including Office Systems, Managed Networks, Servers and Hosting, Telephony and Convergence Solutions and Printing Solutions. Currently looking to recruit a UK Product Manager to take product responsibility across all areas of the business. The role will have a focus on marketing and include market research, competitor analysis, existing and new product evaluation as well as a sales focus. October 18, 2007

Honda managed the process well also, but only after some early mistakes. When entering the U.S., they initially focused on big motorcycles rather than the smaller versions they sold in Japan. “They didn’t do adequate competitive analysis,” Hrebiniak says. “People in the U.S. didn’t want to buy Honda’s big motorcycles because they were buying Harley Davidsons and BMWs. Honda also had early quality problems. They didn’t realize that driving a motorcycle in the U.S. is different than in Japan.  “What makes a global leader?” October 4, 2007

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As one of the leading business associations in the United States, American Turkish Council (ATC) is dedicated to effectively strengthening US-Turkish relations through the promotion of commercial, defense, technology and cultural relations. Its diverse membership includes Fortune 500, US and Turkish companies, multinationals, nonprofit organizations and individuals with an interest in US-Turkish relations. Guided by member interests, ATC strives to enhance the growing ties between the US and Turkey by initiating and facilitating efforts to increase investment and trade between the two countries.

BNA’s Web Watch biofuels web links.

The database of Genotype and Phenotype (dbGaP) was developed to archive and distribute the results of studies that have investigated the interaction of genotype and phenotype. Such studies include genome-wide association studies, medical sequencing, molecular diagnostic assays, as well as association between genotype and non-clinical traits. The advent of high-throughput, cost-effective methods for genotyping and sequencing has provided powerful tools that allow for the generation of the massive amount of genotypic data required to make these analyses possible.

Deloitte 2007 Global Security Survey.  48 pages, PDF.

Welcome to DOepatents, the U.S. Department of Energy’s central collection of patent information, where research and development intersect with innovation and invention. This collection demonstrates the Department’s considerable contribution to scientific progress from the 1940s to today.

Enterprise Ireland. We are the Irish state development agency focused on transforming Irish industry.  Our core mission is to accelerate the development of world-class Irish companies to achieve strong positions in global markets resulting in increased national and regional prosperity. We also provide assistance for international companies who are searching for world-class Irish suppliers and we can help international companies who want to set up food and drink manufacturing operations in Ireland.

The European Information Association (EIA) is an international body of information specialists whose aim is to develop, co-ordinate and improve access to EU information.  These guides show how to use official sources to find specific documents or types of information.

Forbes 200 Best Small Companies in America must pass through a gauntlet to qualify for the list. We judged candidates–all with revenue of $5 million to $750 million and share prices above $5 as of Oct. 1–according to return on equity, as well as sustained sales and net profit growth over 12-month and five-year periods.

The International Business Times is an online publication that strives to produce essential financial news from all the world’s markets through its extended editorial network and to transmit them instantly to its audience in America and other countries. We have the unique advantage of working with brilliant and entrepreneurial local individuals allowing our readers to get a fundamental edge in understanding their own region’s and the global economy.

Welcome to the JSTOR Sandbox, where you can preview website innovations and new features in their early stages. The prototypes listed below showcase ideas for new functionality which may eventually be added to the public JSTOR website.

Welcome to the OLMS Online Public Disclosure Room, which is powered by a new database query system. From this site you can (1) view and print reports filed by unions, union officers and employees, employers, and labor relations consultants for the year 2000 and after, (2) order reports for the year 1999 and prior, and (3) search the union annual financial reports for the year 2000 and after. US department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration, Office of Labor-Management Standards.

PatentCafe is a global leader in the development of innovative software for patent management, and Patent Office Rules compliance. Its solutions are built on a proprietary artificial intelligence database, and are used for patent research, portfolio analysis and strategic management, patent competitive intelligence, and patent valuation. Press release, October 16, 2007

PRLog is a free online press release service. You can submit your press releases at no charge. All of our services are free., the free, federated search portal created by leading science and technology societies, removed its beta label today, marking the official launch of its service. Search over 3 million documents, plus patents and government data. Fifteen societies spanning 150 years of sci-tech scholarship help you with your queries.

SocialRank monitors thousands of blogs in popular categories and identifies the hottest stories, bloggers and posts of the day. We do this democratically by measuring what stories users link to, talk about and pay attention to.

StateList: the electronic source for state publication lists. This site provides links to state publication checklists and shipping lists that are currently available on the Internet from 37 states. If you do not find what you need here, the Government Documents Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries also offers print versions of some state bibliographies for sale at

Turkey mini-portal. Federation of International Trade Associations.

The Virtual Chase list of sources for public company filings.

This Wise Guide portal was designed to introduce you to the many fascinating, educational and useful resources available from the nation’s library and one of the most popular Web sites of the federal government. The “Wise Guide” will be refreshed monthly, much like a magazine, offering links to the best of the Library’s online materials.

World Investment Report 2007 (WIR07) is the seventeenth in a series published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The Report analyses the latest trends in foreign direct investment (FDI) and puts a special focus in 2007 on the role of transnational corporations (TNCs) in the extraction of oil, gas, and metal mineral.

Yahoo Finance Search to find private companies, subsidiaries, people, public companies, news, finance topics.;_ylt=Ah6NR0QgeTTcyFmigRFBNE27YWsA

Searching news and tips.

Google unveiled the fifth generation of its Google Enterprise Search Appliance. A combination of hardware preloaded with software, the latest version addresses a major enterprise pain point: Searching through multiple content repositories or ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems. The Google capability, called Universal Search, connects to four different content repositories — Documentum, FileNet, Livelink, and SharePoint — and can index content from all four.  Press release, October 9, 2007

The unique approach of AltSearchEngines is to expand coverage of search engines to include the hundreds of alternative / niche search engines. While the editorial attitude will not be “anti-Google”, it will certainly be “pro-alternative search engines” – a showcase of cutting edge innovation. Our goal for AltSearchEngines is to make it the definitive destination for everything related to alternative search engines – over 1,000 of them!

Search Engine Land is a news and information site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry.

Yahoo Search Blog – a look inside the world of search from the people at Yahoo!

Software and products.

In response to epidemic levels of spam, stock bashing and profanity on stock forums around the web, AGORACOM launched Investor Controlled Discussion Forums for the purpose of handing control back to small-cap investors. Specifically, control over offending posts, offending members and company information. As a result, investors are able to amalgamate, communicate, share market intelligence and exchange investment opinions in a clean and constructive environment, leading to the best investment decision possible. Press release, October 12, 2007

Independent 5-year oil and gas industry forecasts for Colombia. Original oil and gas market research and oil and gas sector trend analysis for Colombia’s oil and gas industry.  Competitive intelligence, Colombian oil and gas company rankings and SWOT analyses on international and domestic oil and gas companies in Colombia. Press release, October 15, 2007

Cityscape will launch a new property information website aimed at real estate professionals and targeting emerging markets. The Cityscape Market Intelligence Service contains news feed sfrom around 2,500 global publications, as well as comment and analysis from a range of contributors worldwide. The site will also include a searchable company database. Press release, October 8, 2007

Comintell, market leading provider of software for competitive intelligence, has announced that Poolia AB, a leading recruitment firm, is continuing the roll-out of “Interpool” – a market intelligence portal based on Comintell Knowledge XChanger (KXC). Press release, October 5, 2007

comScore announces their newest service: comScore Marketer, a new interactive search intelligence service that enables search marketers and Web site operators to benchmark their performance versus competitors and optimize the ROI from their search marketing efforts, which, eliminating the buzz words, basically means a new competitive intelligence tool. Jordan McCollum, “ComScore’s new marketer service,” October 3, 2007

Cuadra Associates, Inc. (Cuadra), a leading provider of knowledge management solutions, announced the release of a new version of STAR/Archives, its acclaimed archival collections management solution. STAR is unique in that it is able to manage collections effectively in many types of environments, including libraries and information centers, records centers, archives, museums, competitive intelligence, and publishing. Press release, October 9, 2007

Along with ease-of-integration, exalead one:enterprise 4.5 OEM Edition features Exalead’s powerful unified search technology that is especially well-suited to business and competitive intelligence, risk management, litigation and e-mail archiving solutions, as evidenced by its four recently secured OEM agreements with Exanet Inc., Knowings SA, H&S Heilig & Schubert Software AG and Messaging Architects. Each has added Exalead’s powerful search functionality to their software offerings. Press release, October 15, 2007

Generate Inc. announced the availability of Generate gDaily, a daily newsletter service that monitors the latest news events combined with in-depth company and executive information, customized by industry. Generate’s daily newsletter service enables companies to keep informed of the latest industry news and monitor competitive threats. Generate delivers a business intelligence platform that combines real-time company intelligence with integrated relationship-mapping technology to deliver contextual information to business professionals. Press release, October 16, 2007

GeoEye, Inc. a leading producer of satellite, aerial and geospatial information, announced that CEO Matthew O’Connell received the prestigious Intelligence Achievement Award for Industry from the United States Geospatial Foundation. Every year the USGIF presents awards to the most influential members of the geospatial intelligence community. This year’s six awards recognized the top candidates in the following categories: academic achievement, academic research, government intelligence achievement, military intelligence achievement, industry intelligence  achievement and the lifetime achievement award. Press release, October 19, 2007

Global Equations LLC is a US based Offshore Advisory firm that offers global Sourcing, Strategy, M&A and Business advisory services to mid-market companies, service providers and emerging outsourcing regions. Additionally Global Equations provides market intelligence on global outsourcing trends; develops right shoring strategy and assists in vendor/partner selection. Press release, October 5, 2007

Goliath is Gale’s online-business content service, providing global company and industry intelligence to business executives. Gale is a part of Cengage Learning. Goliath provides immediate online access to more than three million records including business articles, industry reports, company profiles and executive contacts pulled from business data resources maintained by Gale. The site serves a range of business needs – from starting a company, to researching an existing company and reviewing best practices, to retrieving recent business news. Press release, October 19, 2007

Hoover’s, Inc. today announced the latest edition of “The Hoover’s Index,” a free, proprietary monthly index of the leading public and private companies, non-profits, and associations which represent the brand leaders, up-and-comers and “buzz” creators driving the U.S. and international economies. Press release, October 12, 2007,

According to recent business intelligence regarding IPOs (initial public offerings), the number of U.S. IPOs increased 19% for Q3 2007 compared to the same quarter a year ago, as reported today by Hoover’s IPO Scorecard. Hoover’s, Inc. is a D&B company that gives its customers a competitive edge with insightful information about industries, companies and key decision makers. Press release, October 9, 2007–pageid__4546–/global-ipoc-index.xhtml

IGEME was founded with the aim of developing and promoting Turkish exports. In line with its objective IGEME acts as an intermediary in establishing business contacts between foreign importers and Turkish exporters. Thus, it contributes to both parties providing a two-way service, enlightening Turkish businessmen and furnishing foreign importers with information on economic conditions, market prospect, exporters and regulations in Turkey. IGEME performs this function in a series of activities which can be categorized in five main areas, research and development, training, trade information, publicity and promotion, and international relations.

IntelliSearch announced the availability of new technologies in the IntelliSearch Enterprise Search Platform that provide integration and extended search capabilities to Microsoft Office SharePoint(R) Server 2007.  IntelliSearch platform 2.0 is an enterprise search solution that provides a single point of access to all corporate content repositories to simplify access and to improve your business flexibility. The platform includes 6 new solution sets that are all Web 2.0 enabled. The solution sets are: Enterprise Search, Website Search, eCommerce Search, Competitive Intelligence, Online Media and OEM Search (embedded in third party application). Press release, October 5, 2007

Knowland Group is a premier provider of sales and marketing products and services to the hospitality industry, world wide. Products and services include INSIGHT – a revolutionary product that will dramatically alter the way sales managers find group business.  Including the world’s largest database of group events, INSIGHT is a simple, easy to use application that combines the intuitiveness of Google’s search engine with the latest in satellite imagery and mapping technology.  The application gives sales managers a bird’s eye view of hundreds of thousands of events, groups and meeting planners every day, across every hotel brand, type, shape and size.  Press release, October 8, 2007

MedPredict Market Research, a global provider of pharmaceutical competitive intelligence and market research, has published a new report providing critical strategic insight for pharma and biotech companies with a stake in the market for anxiety and depression therapies. Press release, October 16, 2007

Decision Resources and Millennium Research Group have produced a new report that finds that Eli Lilly will emerge as the number one drug company in osteoporosis by 2011, largely by staying away from the increasingly competitive bisphosphonate segment.  Brands & Strategies is the first and only report series to bring together all of the competitive information elements biopharmaceutical companies need to make informed decisions about their products and the best

next-steps. Millennium Research Group, part of the Decision Resources, Inc., family, is a leading provider of strategic information to the healthcare sector. Press release, October 15, 2007

The Mobile Marketing Task Force plans to reach out to current and prospective service providers and supporting organizations through the establishment of an m-commerce Informational Resource Center. The purpose of the Center is to provide information including market data, research results and competitive intelligence and analysis to prospective service providers, handset manufacturers, financial institutions, payment companies and other interested organizations. Press release, October 3, 2007

Oxford Business Group (OBG) publishes economic and political intelligence reports on the markets of The Middle East, Eastern Europe, North and South Africa, and Asia. Through its publications, OBG provides comprehensive and accurate analysis of political, macroeconomic and sectoral developments, including banking, capital markets, energy, infrastructure, industry and insurance. Press release, September 10, 2007

Packaged Facts publishes market intelligence on a wide range of consumer industries, including consumer goods and retailing, food and beverage, and demographics. For more information visit Press release, October 9, 2007

Research and Markets presents a complete and comprehensive analysis of Sony, the worlds leading electronics company, including an overview of the electronics industry in the United States, a PEST Framework Analysis of the US Electronics Industry, and then moves on to analyzing the company itself. Company analysis includes a history of Sony, a business segment analysis of the segments Sony operates through, a look at the organization structure of the company, a geographical operating segments analysis, an analysis of the company’s major competitors namely Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd. A financial analysis of Sony is presented in the report which includes a ratio analysis, basic profit and loss analysis, presentation of the company balance sheet, and much more.  SWOT Framework Analysis of Sony Corporation completes this in-depth company analysis. Press release, October 8, 2007

SoftBrands, Inc. a global supplier of enterprise application software, announced its Karyon reservations and distribution service will use AnyRate Software competitive rate intelligence solution to provide independent hoteliers, groups and management companies with a competitive rate tool. Press release, October 18, 2007

Standard & Poor’s, the world’s foremost provider of financial market intelligence, today announced that the Cusip Service Bureau (CSB) Master File database is available through Standard & Poor’s SecurityMaster Services, a new Web-based delivery platform designed to provide clients with near real-time access to a variety of securities data. Press release, October 9, 2007

The 2008 edition of U.S. Industry & Market Outlook is published and available for purchase. The 2008 U.S. Industry & Market Outlook features over 120 major U.S. industries and 500+ minor industries. Press release, October 10, 2007

SAP can also benefit from the automatically categorizing and analyzing of call content with speech analytics, as well as allowing the company to identify and act on calls containing competitive information, market opportunities and trends. SAP Global TeleManagement Group of SAP AG, a business software solutions provider, has selected Verint’s integrated quality monitoring, speech and data analytics and eLearning software. Press release, October 16, 2007

Beyond executive recruiting, WhiteRock Group also provides human resources strategic consulting. One of the company’s most sought-after services is competitive intelligence and mapping competitive industry segments to help clients get access to the most valuable commodity: information. Press release, October 2, 2007

General readings of interest.

The U.S. dollar has depreciated more in the last year against the Indian rupee than it has in more than a decade. That’s bad news for Indian IT services providers and their customers. Here’s what to look out for and how to manage the offshore outsourcing currency risk. Stephanie Overby, “The rupee’s rise, the dollar’s demise and you: managing currency risk in offshore outsourcing,” October 3, 2007

Naval aviators always believed that they had invented the concept of situational awareness. The questions a pilot must ask in combat are complex and varied but come down to knowing where you are, what you can do and how you can do it. A sound sense of situational awareness is vital to leadership decision making. A leader must know context (what is happening), circumstance (what has happened) and consequence (what could happen) at all times. John Baldoni, “Situational awareness 101,” October 8, 2007

Billed by its maker, Raytheon, as “a revolutionary, less-than-lethal directed energy application,” the new Silent Guardian brings Flash Gordon-style ray-gun technology to today’s wars of insurgency. And best of all: it leaves no marks. Richard Martin, “US unveils new “wave of agony’ ray gun,” October 8, 2007

The heady term “thought leaders” was invented in 1994 by Joel Kurtzman, the editor-in-chief of Strategy & Business. Kurtzman used the phrase to signify the magazine’s interview subjects who contributed new, sometimes rather startling ideas to business. Subsequently, technology advisor and blogger Elise Bauer has expanded the meaning of the term and suggested that a thought leader “is a recognized leader in one’s field. What differentiates a thought leader from any other knowledgeable company, is the recognition from the outside world that the company deeply understands its business, the needs of its customers, and the broader marketplace in which it operates.”  Jack Rosenberger, “Thought leadership,” October 4, 2007

How do you prevent competitors from obtaining patents that could block you from using your own innovative ideas in your products and services? Even strong manufacturers with worldwide distribution, well-branded products and adoring customers can be stopped dead in their tracks by broad competitive patents. Protecting trade secrets is often unrealistic, as increased employee mobility and ease of communication has made it virtually impossible to keep secrets. Another alternative is defensive publishing, which requires disclosing an enabling description of an innovation so that it enters the public domain and becomes prior art. Tom Colson, “Protecting your intellectual property with patent alternatives.” October 10, 2007

Scientists at the University of Delaware have uncovered a hidden weapon that one of the most invasive wetland plants in the United States uses to silently and efficiently “bump off” its neighbors. The research was sponsored by the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), a partnership of the National Science Foundation, the state of Delaware and Delaware’s institutions of higher education. The program is managed by UD’s Delaware Biotechnology Institute.

And talk about information overload: Robert Berkman, media studies associate professor at The New School in Manhattan, says he’s heard it referred to as “innovation overload.”  So the need to develop “media information literacy” is “thrust on us to figure out on our own” — a task that can eat up time and cause frustration, says Berkman, author of “The Art of Strategic Listening — Finding Market Intelligence through Blogs and Social Media,” due to be published by Paramount Books in January. Patricia Kitchen, “can we break down the wall of computer jargon?’ October 12, 2007,0,2044397.column is a nonprofit national shelter outreach program at the forefront of a grassroots movement trying to help shelters save the lives of millions of innocent dogs…Shelters are the last line for millions of innocent dogs. we have chosen a path of technology [locate a specific breed within a radius of your zipcode, and view shelter contact info, website, photos of dog] as a means of connecting these scared, abandoned shelter dogs with the loving homes they deserve.”

Mark Hurd, Hewlett-Packard’s chairman and chief executive, has rebuilt the company’s board after revelations last year of spying operations conducted against several directors and journalists. The disclosures led to considerable embarrassment for a company that prided itself on ethical behavior. William Holstein, “Seeing recruiting as crucial to rebuilding HP,” October 13, 2007

Do companies really know what turns up when an employee types “confidential” in their intranet or portal search box?  The proliferation and increasing power of enterprise search requires companies to pay more attention than ever before to protecting confidential information. Privacy is a hot topic in the enterprise search world and New Idea Engineering offers best practices for leveraging your current search engine. Press release, October 11, 2007

Business strategy guru Gary Hamel blames obsolete management practices for your failure to establish a culture of innovation. One solution: Stop focusing on efficiency. In his new book, The Future of Management, Hamel argues that the principles and practices used to run most companies were invented to solve a problem—how to be more efficient—that today’s businesses have largely mastered. Hamel suggests revamping every management concept so that managers may inspire workers, identify the most promising business ideas and marshal the resources to execute them. Elana Varon, “Can’t innovate? It’s management’s fault (really!)” October 12, 2007  

If you’ve ever wondered where all those peculiar Halloween practices come from, or you can’t figure out why Halloween is such a hot topic with a lot of people, then this article will get you ready for the next October 31.

Raising money for nonprofit organizations is hard work.  The founders of NOZA were professional nonprofit fundraisers prior to launching this company, so we know this firsthand.  The number one reason that people donate to charity is because they were asked.  One of the most difficult aspects of fundraising is figuring out who to ask. We have built a searchable database containing more than 26 million charitable donation records.

Further expanding public access to its intellectual riches through the most popular Web destinations, the University of California, Berkeley, announced today (Wednesday, Oct. 3) that it is making entire course lectures and special events available, free of charge, on YouTube. Visitors to the site at can view more than 300 hours of videotaped courses and events.  Press release, October 3, 2007

The U.S. judge in a trade secrets case brought by Oracle Corp against arch rival SAP Tuesday called for speedy resolution of the dispute and encouraged the sides to consider mediation. He ordered the case to go to trial Feb. 9, 2009.  “Judge steps up pace in Oracle-SAP spying case,” September 25, 2007

The Special Libraries Association (SLA), a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners, announced it will offer its members a new opportunity to earn a knowledge management (KM) certificate, building on the success of the competitive intelligence certificates program offered by SLA’s Click University over the last year. Press release, October 19, 2007.

This study indicates that the organizational context and the problem dimensions appear to be important components by which one must understand the information behaviours of organizational actors. These components certainly had an impact on the information needs of the municipal middle managers participating in the study. The findings also suggest elements to consider in the design of retrieval information systems to better suit middle managers’ information needs. Dominique Maurel, “Problem situations encountered by middle managers working in a municipality in transition,” October 2007

Browsing is the activity of engaging in a series of glimpses, each of which exposes the browser to objects of potential interest; depending on interest, the browser may or may not examine more closely one or more of the (physical or represented) objects.The design of interactive information systems needs to incorporate an awareness of human browsing characteristics. Specifically, browsing for information in such systems should not be limited to the opportunity to scan, but instead enable the searcher to manifest the instinctive tendency to engage in a browsing sequence. Marcia Bates, “What is browsing – really? A model drawing from behavioural science research.” October 2007

It is essential for small businesses in today’s competitive environment to take a strategic approach to their information needs if they wish to develop and remain competitive. This case study confirms the value of critical success factors as Bullen and Rockart (1981) proposed: determining the individual managers’ information needs, aiding the strategic planning process and aiding the information systems planning process. B.A. Sen, “Determining the information needs of small and medium-sized enterprises: a critical success factor analysis.” October 2007