Data Mining, Protection, Detection and other Security Technologies 2008

Ninth International Conference on Data Mining, Protection, Detection and other Security Technologies

Since the end of the Cold War, the threat of large scale wars has been substituted by new threats: terrorism, organized crime, trafficking, smuggling, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. To react to them a security strategy is necessary but to be effective it requires several instruments including technological means. Although technology alone cannot guarantee security, security cannot be assured without technology. Consequently security is an increasing research and development field all over the world.Since 2001 several public initiatives involving data mining started in security research both in USA, after DHS, DARPA, NSA actions (TIA and CAPPS II, now canceled, and Secure Flight, MATRIX, ADVISE, ATS) and in Europe, after European Commission actions (ESRAB, VII FP, ESRIF). The International Conference on Data Mining started in 1998 and now, the IX in the series, takes into account this new research movement, changing its name and enlarging its scope. In fact data mining is seen more and more not only as a key technology in business, engineering and science but as one of the key features in several security technologies. To stress that all these new and old technologies must be seen as a way to improve not only security of citizens but also their freedom, special attention is given to data protection research issues.“Data Mining, Protection, Detection and other Security Technologies” Conference, that will take place on the next year (26-28 May 2008) in Cadiz, Spain dm 2008(, where two Text Mining Tutorial and Security Research workshops will be organized too). It will be the IX Conference of the series started in 1998 in Rio de Janeiro.Please find attach the provisional Call for Papers datamining_screen_sept.pdf