Dr Alessandro Comai and  Dr. Prescott have been working in a multi-stage research project which purpose is developing a model for building a World-class CI function http://www.world-class-ci.com
They are now trying to build norms around the model we have developed. Therefore, they would like to invite you to benchmark your function against the model so that we can collect as many data as possible to build norms.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr Alessandro Comai at alessandro.comai@world-class-ci.com  and he will send you the like of our online survey.
This exercise will take about 20 minutes and it will give you the access to the model. You will be able to compare your Competitive Intelligence Function against world-class standard! Moreover, we will send you the norms by end of October and offer you a free access to our next multimedia tool (we hope to have it ready by the end of November).

Alessandro Comai
BSc. in Engineering, MBA, DEA (Esdae), PhD Candidate (Esade)

e-mail: alessandro.comai@world-class-ci.com
web: http://www.world-class-ci.com